BACON & BARBELLS was created out of necessity in January 2014 after seeing a huge gap of quality apparel & equipment in the athletic community. As a competitive powerlifter sharing the platform with the greatest athletes in the sport, it felt necessary to bring lifters top quality apparel while working alongside local and small businesses. Many of our products are manufactured and printed close to home in Toronto. What isn't manufactured at home is done in the USA. We try to do our best to keep products as close to home as possible to help support local businesses and stimulate our economy.

Time has been spent to build relationships with other small businesses who also understand that quality and fine details matter. We highly believe that transparency is extremely important and we maintain our integrity by creating products that reflect our experiences in the community. A portion from every sale is donated to cancer research- a disease that has affected us personally. Our goal is to build a platform where people from around the world can come together to help support important organizations that are often overlooked. Supporting this company will help change the lives of others thanks to your donation we set aside from every sale. This is why we are so grateful for every purchase. Together, we can help change the world.

We hope you enjoy our products and as always, thank you for the support. Please note: this company is run by a staff of one. Emails/customer support may take a little longer to respond to. Thank you for your understanding!